All you need to know about the history of the Guelphs in just one exhibition - from their appointment to prince electors until the last King of Hanover's exile in Austria. Marvel at their Crown Jewels, which are on public display in the exhibition "The Path to the Crown" as an ensemble for the first time, and exclusively at Marienburg Castle.

The Path to the Crown

For 123 years, starting in 1714, the Electorate of Hanover (from 1814 onwards the Kingdom of Hanover) and the Kingdom of Great Britain were linked by mutual kings, namely the successive rulers from the House of Guelph. The House of Guelph is Europe's oldest still existing royal dynasty, better known in Britain as the House of Hanover.

The exhibition "The Path to the Crown" at Marienburg Castle focuses on the period between 1814 and 1866. It is divided into three major thematic blocks, dealing with the topics "The Path to the Union of Crowns", "The Kings of the Personal Union" and "The Kingdom of Hanover".

Due to its great success in 2014 with more than 220 000 visitors, the exhibition has been prolonged till the end of 2017, and the Crown Jewels will stay at the castle.

At the heart of this unrivalled exhibition are the Crown Jewels of the Kingdom of Hanover: the Royal Crown, the Scepter and the Bridal Crown, designed for King Ernest Augustus and bequeathed by him to his son King George V of Hanover.

For the very first time since the Kingdom of Hanover ceased to exist in 1866, this artistically and historically important ensemble has been unveiled for public display within the former realms of the House of Guelph.

More than 100 exhibits are displayed in nine rooms located in the Queen's Wing of the castle, which is usually not accessible to the public. These rooms, still meticulously preserved in their original condition, offer a magnificent view over the valley of the River Leine.

Please book in advance. The guided tour lasts about 45 minutes. The exhibition is not barrier-free.


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