Marienburg Castle, embedded into the hills of the Calenberger Land, rises up on the south-western slope of the "Marienberg" Hill, some 20 km south of Hanover and 15 km north-west of Hildesheim. The original 19th-century summer residence of the Guelph family, one of Europe's oldest royal houses, is one of Germany's most significant monuments built in neogothic style.

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Königliche Tuchfühlung - Eine Zeitreise die fühlbar verzaubert!

Werden Sie als Besucher Teil der höfischen Gesellschaft und begleiten Sie König Georg V. und seine Frau Königin Marie in der exklusiven Theaterführung zum 200. Geburtstag von König Georg V.
Unter Einsatz aller Sinne erfahren Sie, wie sich der blinde Monarch durch seine Welt bewegt, wie er sich in einem 140-Zimmer Schloss zurechtfindet und wie ein Alltag im 19. Jahrhundert unter höfischer Etikette aussieht.

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200 years Marie and George V. of Hanover

The anniversary exhibition “Royal History and Stories – Marie and George V. of Hanover“ commemorating Queen Marie's 200th birthday on 14th April, 2018 and King George's 200th birthday on 27th March,2019 will open its doors and provide you the unique opportunity to learn more about Marie and George – as rulers, principals of the castle and private individuals.

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Information for Groups and Hosts

You are planning an excursion for your company, association, or a group of friends? You want to host an event in a unique historical ambience? Marienburg Castle welcomes you warmly!

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Enjoy the various pleasurable open-air events in the great inner courtyard of Marienburg Castle and experience classy and unforgettable evenings.

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Being a memorial of the great love between a king and his queen, Marienburg Castle provides the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding! The historic and loving ambience of the castle will make your special day truly unforgettable!

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