Getting married in the Castle

A very special day demands for a very special location. Say “I will” in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable for your wedding, one which will make it an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. Because Marienburg Castle is the home of love – the love of the last King of Hanover for his Queen.


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Church Wedding

Kapelle auf Schloss Marienburg

Marienburg Castle gives you the unique opportunity to get married in the romantic Castle Chapel together with up to 60 guests. After the wedding ceremony, you may receive your guests in the royal parlours of the castle or, in good weather,  in the great inner courtyard. While your guests enjoy a guided tour through the castle, you have time to take your wedding pictures in the most romanting surroundings.

The culinary catering services range from the classical wedding menu to show cooking with varying buffets of your choice. Our individual all-inclusive service is at your command concerning all questions around your dream wedding celebration at Marienburg Castle. We will gladly plan and organize your wedding day for you if you wish so.

You will profit from our great experience in organizing and realizing  top-class events in the castle.

Register office at the Castle

Standesamt auf Schloss Marienburg

Enter into the bond of marriage in the castle of love. The restored salon rooms of the Crown Prince on the ground floor provide the stylish setting for the step into a common future. In a familiar atmosphere up to 25 people can witness your yes-word. The fee for a civil wedding at Marienburg Castle consists of 600 euros for the castle administration and 126 euros for the registry office.

You can only reserve the wedding dates via the registry office of the city of Pattensen:

Tel.: 05101 – 1001 305

Further information can also be found on the Website of the Pattensen registry office.

Free Church Wedding

Freie Trauung Schloss Marienburg

The dreamlike castle park, with Marienburg Castle as background, offers the perfect setting for your free wedding ceremony. Say yes in an idyllic setting under a rose arch. If you wish, we can take over the planning and organisation of your big day. You can benefit from our many years of experience in staging top-class events.


Freie Trauung Schloss Marienburg

What your dream wedding at Marienburg Castle could look like:

  Ascent to the castle in a white carriage
03 pm Marriage ceremony
04 pm Wedding reception in the inner courtyard
05 pm Guided castle tour for your guests, wedding pictures for the bridal couple
07 pm Wedding celebration in the Hall of Chivalry
Midnight Wedding cake and midnight buffet

After the festivities: Shuttleservice to your hotel